• API Key: Get an API key by contacting us

  • (Recommended) Python: Install Python on your machine along with the requests library:

    pip install requests


The API endpoints can be broken down into resources, which manage files, and requests, which use resources for generation. Here’s a high-level overview of the workflow:

Create Resource(s)

Create one or more resources from public links or by uploading files. Each resource is referenced by a unique resource_id.

Submit Request

Submit a request. This could be generation from text, audio, video, translation, or any other service. Depending on the request, you’ll need to provide one or more resource_ids. Each request is referenced by a unique request_id.

Check Status

Check the status of the request using the request_id. The status could be pending, processing, completed or failed. If the status is completed, you will receive the video links.

Download Video(s)

Download the videos using the links provided in the response. These links typically expire after a week.

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